Our priorities

Stronger families, stronger communities

We are making life more affordable, taking care of those in need, valuing Alberta’s diversity, and making our communities and our province stronger, safer and cleaner.

Albertans are community minded people. We stand up for each other when times are tough and we make the places we live stronger and safer. We work hard to make life better for our families and our communities. We want our government to do the same.

Making life better

We will develop a comprehensive Alberta Affordable Child Care Program that will improve quality, accessibility and affordability of child care in the province.

We will help Alberta families buy their first home by establishing Attainable Homes Alberta, modeled on successful programs that provide down payment assistance and access to modest mortgages for eligible families.

We will provide mobile home owners with additional rights to resolve disputes with mobile home park owners without having to go to court.

We will provide additional resources to more actively enforce new consumer protections on door-to-door sales, payday loans, auto sales and repair and unfair contract provisions.

We will enact new rules requiring auto repair shops to provide reasonable warranties to consumers.

We will build 4,000 new affordable housing units to make sure low-income Albertans have access to safe, quality housing, and work with municipalities to plan for future needs.

We will increase support for Family and Community Social Services organizations to make sure local social support programs can effectively help Albertans in need.

We will ensure Alberta’s employment and labour laws are modern, up-to-date and fair to both employers and workers in all sectors.

We will incorporate Community Benefit Agreement (CBAs) plans into larger government infrastructure projects, ensuring projects create tangible benefits for the local community, including encouraging local hiring, training and jobs for groups under-represented in construction, and design features that enhance the community’s quality of life.

We will enact prompt payment legislation to ensure construction sub-contractors get paid in a timely fashion.

We will work with professional artists to address the precarious, feast or famine nature of their work by exploring options to smooth out artistic income, that may include income averaging, income annuities or refundable tax credits.

We will review and modernize grants to community groups and non-profit organizations, giving consideration to multi-year, sustainable funding arrangements, reducing the time between funding decisions and money flowing, and flexible forms of funding to allow a broader range of organizations to be eligible.

Supporting Alberta's seniors

We will save the average senior $200 per year by removing all prescription drug co-payments for seniors who earn less than $75,000 per year.

We will build 2,000 new long term and dementia care beds in five years.

We will pilot mobile teams who will have a mandate to attend seniors’ centres and drop-ins to assist seniors with accessing services they need, such as informing them of their eligibility for programs and assistance completing applications.

An inclusive and diverse Alberta

We will continue to implement the provincial anti-racism strategy, including the creation of a Hate Crimes Unit, more resources for community groups combating racism and reforming government hiring practices to eliminate bias.

We will increase investments in the foreign qualification recognition fund to further improve the ability for newcomers to have their education and experience recognized.

We will implement a Newcomer Paths to Employment strategy to make sure newer Albertans are able to fully share in our prosperity, including a Newcomer Advocate, expanded bridging programs and a provincial government internship program.

We will create a Ministry of Multiculturalism to educate and promote diversity, inclusion and mutual respect among all Albertans.

We will work with communities that have experienced hate crimes at their places of worship to increase security and to restore a sense of safety.

We will push the federal government to allow more family reunification entries in Alberta and to create more paths to permanent residency so more newcomers can make their homes here.

We will modernize charitable gaming rules to remove unfair barriers for multicultural groups accessing casino and bingo revenue.

We will increase the number of language programs in Alberta’s schools so more students can stay connected with their family’s culture and language.

Protecting LGBTQ Albertans

We will ban the use of conversion therapy techniques in accordance with the forthcoming recommendations of the Conversion Therapy Working Group.

We will create a provincial Hate Crimes Unit to investigate hate crimes, including those targeted at LGBTQ Albertans.

We will continue to protect all students by ensuring the timely creation of a gay-straight alliance when requested by students so they have access to a safe space without fear of being outed.

Strong rural communities

We will negotiate a long-term stable funding agreement with Alberta’s small and medium-sized municipalities on par with those negotiated with the big cities.

We will implement a 10-year strategy to get high speed internet to every Albertan, partnering with municipalities and industry to facilitate the construction or upgrading of broadband infrastructure across rural communities.

We will create Hometown Alberta, a program to help smaller communities renovate their aging hockey arenas, swimming pools and recreation centres.

We will provide financial support for rural crime watch organizations so they can be more effective in keeping their communities safe and to create an advisory system to share information within communities.

We will enhance coordination between the RCMP and provincial enforcement officers to make better use of their presence in communities to maximize rural household protection strategies.

Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

We will enter into negotiations with First Nation and Métis peoples to explore a renewed fiscal relationship between Indigenous peoples and the Government of Alberta.

We will work with Indigenous groups that are seeking to purchase equity partnerships in pipeline projects by linking them with investors.

We will accelerate the schedule to extend drinking water infrastructure to reserves so more Indigenous families can get safe, reliable drinking water faster.

We will increase financial support to Native Friendship Centres so they can expand their work supporting lndigenous Albertans living off-reserve.

We will continue to prioritize building Indigenous affordable housing to make sure more Indigenous Albertans have access to safe, quality housing.

Safer neighbourhoods

We will work with RCMP and municipal police services to direct resources to allow officers to spend more time on the street rather than behind a desk.

We will provide new support for rural Crime Watch organizations and make better use of provincial enforcement officers to increase rural household protection.

We will continue to invest in front line police services, including RCMP officers and ALERT.

We will continue to place resources into the court system to shorten timelines for court cases to reach conclusion.

A clean and healthy tomorrow

We will continue to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the Climate Leadership Plan, as part of an overall strategy to combat climate change.

We will meet our goals of achieving a phase-out of coal generation by 2030. We will continue to add more renewable energy to the electricity system and will meet our target of 30% of electricity generation by 2030. We will achieve a 45% reduction in methane emissions by 2025.

We will keep the firm cap on oil sands carbon emissions and work with industry to build upon its innovations to keep the industry strong and competitive.

We will build flood protection on the Bow River and complete the Springbank dam to protect Calgarians against a catastrophic flood.

We will employ the best science and prevention techniques to tackle the pine beetle infestation in an effort to slow and halt its movement eastward.

We will implement clear timelines for when companies need to clean up their abandoned oil and gas wells and require them to justify delays in reclaiming sites. We will also implement new corporate health measures on asset sales to prevent liability dumping as we continue to work with industry and the Orphan Wells Association to accelerate remediation of the orphan wells inventory.

We will develop a Clean Lakes Strategy to improve lake watershed management with a goal of reducing blue-green algae blooms and protecting vulnerable shorelines so Albertans can continue to enjoy our many lakes.

We will partner with outdoor recreation groups to improve recreation infrastructure such as trails, staging areas and docks to create better access to Alberta’s wilderness areas.

We will commit to multi-year, stable funding for watershed councils and land trust organizations so they can be more effective at protecting our water and vulnerable lands.

We will reduce barriers to the creation of land trusts to support voluntary land conservation across the province.