Our priorities

A stronger, diversified economy

It's our priority to build a stronger, more diversified economy, and create good jobs in every corner of Alberta

Our plan centres on bringing $75 billion in new investment and creating 70,000 new jobs over the next ten years. Our plan gets the pipeline built and gets our oil to new markets at higher prices. Our plan makes Alberta more resilient and a leader in the economy of tomorrow.

Diversifying Alberta’s economy

We will continue to invest in tax credits, innovation grants and strategic investment programs to spur growth in new and expanding industries, such as value-added agriculture, food processing, and interactive media production.

We will phase in the expansion of $25-a-day child care to boost women’s employment to ensure economic growth and close the largest workforce participation gender gap in the country.

We will attract and retain high-tech investment, building Alberta’s reputation as a national leader in new technologies through our ongoing support of Alberta Innovates and creative programming such as GreenSTEM, the Alberta Entrepreneur Incubator Program and regional innovation networks.

We will build on our global reputation for excellence in artificial intelligence and health technology, bringing investment and jobs through our five-year Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Initiative which directs investment to help AI experts commercialize their innovations.

We will work with the film and television industry to determine the right policy levers that will allow Alberta to capitalize on growing production demand, increase Alberta’s share of production, and make Alberta a creative economic hub in western Canada.

We will create a Small Business Investment Office to streamline small business regulation and support new and growing businesses, and we’ll keep small business taxes low.

We will continue to fight against punitive U.S. tariffs that are hurting Alberta industries, including lumber and steel.

More value and jobs from Alberta oil

We will continue to fight for additional pipeline capacity, including getting the Trans Mountain expansion built.

We will continue to ensure we get full value for our resources. In the short term we will carefully manage curtailment to prevent the price differential from artificially rising. In the medium term we will make sure the crude-by-rail plan to get more product to market generates profits for Albertans. And over the long term we will fight for greater pipeline capacity to ensure we have access to markets overseas which reduces our reliance on the U.S.

We will work with industry to unlock $75 billion in new investment and 70,000 new jobs through a major expansion of refining, upgrading and petrochemical production capacity.

We will complete the High and Heavy Load corridor network to facilitate moving large industrial equipment around the province.

We will adopt a series of reforms to speed up and streamline regulatory processes for oil and gas projects without undermining environmental and safety standards. Reforms will include full implementation of the One-Stop online platform for applications by the end of 2020, and establishing the Alberta Regulatory Competitive Task Force, led by the Department of Energy and comprised of industry representatives and all applicable government ministries.

We will review transportation regulations related to oil well drilling, including considering re-classifying rigs as off-road vehicles, creating an annual provincial road permit, and pushing the federal government to harmonize rig classification standards to improve cross-border operations.

We will continue to fight Bill C-48 and call for significant amendments to Bill C-69.

Action for agriculture and farmers

We will streamline processes and reduce wait times for farmers applying for government approvals related to farmland, including environmental permits and lease transfers and create a one-stop portal for farmers to access government programs and services.

We will help farmers reduce waste with a new system for recycling agricultural plastics.

We will direct the Agriculture Finance Services Corporation to extend financing for non-traditional crops and livestock.

We will develop a unit to assist retiring farmers in succession planning and to encourage younger farmers into the industry.

We will commit to maintain funding for local 4-H societies and agricultural societies and work with 4-H to improve governance to ensure they remain vital parts of agricultural communities.