Our priorities

Clean, ethical government

Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP put an end to the culture of entitlement and insider deals and has run a government built on ethics and integrity.

Albertans expect and deserve a government that works for them and not for insiders, campaign donors or special interests. They expect a government that’s open, honest and accountable - and they should expect no less.

Clean, ethical government

We will strengthen the Conflict of Interest Act to guard against former officials using their position to gain undue influence and benefit, including extending cabinet ministers’ cooling off period to two years.

We will review and modernize the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which has not been substantially amended since 2006.

We will take stronger measures to take “dark money” out of campaigns to stop special interests from secretly attempting to influence Alberta’s elections with enhanced enforcement and stronger rules for Political Action Committee disclosures.

We will close the loophole of party leadership races not having spending limits, to stop special interests from taking over political parties.

We will give the Elections Commissioner greater latitude to report on the status and results of an investigation into contraventions of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.

We will review the Elections Act to find ways to make voting easier, to combat low voter turnout, and to evaluate modern voting methods such as electronic voting.