Our priorities

Better schools and hospitals

We are ensuring our kids get the best education possible and that all Albertans receive the care they need, when they need it.

Our plan ensures hospitals, schools, colleges and universities have the funding they need to meet growing demand. Our plan tackles the challenges in our systems, from long wait times in emergency rooms to overcrowded classrooms in our schools, and controls costs for students.

Healthcare when you need it

We will provide stable health care funding to meet the province’s growing population’s needs, while containing administrative and managerial costs.

We will lower wait times in emergency rooms and for cataract, heart and cancer surgeries.

We will implement new emergency room procedures to get ambulances back on the street faster.

We will build an additional 2,000 long term care and dementia beds to make sure seniors who are suffering are well cared for.

We will strengthen regulations governing private clinics to prevent double-dipping and queue jumping and will prevent any costly and reckless privatization experiments.

We will ensure appropriate operating funding for the Calgary Cancer Centre, the Edmonton South Hospital and the Red Deer Hospital expansion and build all projects.

We will pilot two storefront mental health clinics in Edmonton and Calgary to provide immediate and accessible mental health care to people experiencing a mental health crisis. We will also continue to implement the recommendations of the Valuing Mental Health report to strengthen Alberta’s mental health system.

We will launch a lawsuit against the manufacturers of opioid medication to recoup the costs of tackling the opioid addiction crisis. We will also expand access to addiction treatment programs so fewer Albertans are at risk of overdose.

We will expand access to reproductive health services for women living in smaller centres and rural Alberta.

We will develop online health tools, so Albertans can access health professionals remotely to address routine medical matters such as prescription refills and referrals.

Investing in quality education

We will fund enrollment growth to ensure there are enough teachers and resources to match our growing population.

We will continue to invest in Alberta communities and keep up with our growing population by building and upgrading another 70 schools across the province, with an emphasis on badly needed high schools.

We will make the Classroom Improvement Fund permanent and supplement it with additional in-class resources to ensure every student has the support they need to learn in our increasingly complex classrooms.

We will continue to build playgrounds for every new school built and will assist mature neighbourhoods to replace aging and outdated school playgrounds.

We will expand on our success at creating new language programs in Alberta schools, including creating new provincial Filipino, Punjabi, Somali and Cantonese offerings.

Investing in skills training, colleges, and universities

We will provide stable, consistent funding to post-secondary institutions to ensure higher education remains accessible and affordable for all Albertans.

We will eliminate tuition fees for high school upgrading and English Language Learning programs, so every Albertan can acquire the skills they need to participate in today’s economy.

We will work with post-secondary institutions to renew the funding formula and focus resources on creating new spaces, ensuring a lack of seats doesn’t stop qualified students from getting the education they need.